Terms & conditions and privacy policy


When you register as a user on Ride Better TV, we ask you to accept the following conditions, and we therefore encourage you to read them thoroughly and ensure that you understand them.

Our conditions may be liable to change, and you are the one responsible for keeping up to date with them.

1. Agreement and products

Ride Better TV offers video series with the best instructors of the equestrian sport. These can be viewed 24/7. Once you have registered and paid, you have access to your products at all hours of the day. Gift cards, though, need to be activated during the e-mail sent to you right after the purchase.
You must be at least 18 years of age to register and buy access to the products on this site. If you are younger than 18, you must have parental consent.
When you sign up, you must enter your full name, address, and a valid e-mail address, along with a password of your own choosing. Your password is secret, and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is not handed over to a third party.

2. Subscription and gift cards

When you buy a monthly subscription, you gain full access to all our content on ridbedre.tv for the chosen period of time. The subscription will be renewed automatically each month, and you can choose to end your subscription at any time. The same goes for both the three months and the six months cards that are renewed at a three or six months interval respectively. The yearly subscription is renewed once a year. The gift card applies for the period of time specified on the card and expires automatically. The expiration date is noted in the mail you receive shortly after purchasing, which also contains a link to the gift card activation.

3. Your profile is only for you

Your profile on Ride Better TV is personal and you are NOT allowed to share your login with a third party. Furthermore, you are not allowed to show our videos to other people, including at public and private gatherings. Should this occur without prior permission from Ride Better TV, we reserve the right to immediately charge payment for this based on a price decided by Ride Better TV alone.

4. Use of Ride Better TV at events

If you wish to show our content to others apart from yourself or at a gathering, you can contact Ride Better TV at mail@ridebetter.tv to make an arrangement.

6. Payment & refund

Ride Better TV accepts normal credit cards such as Visa, Visa/Dankort, MasterCard, Visa Electron, and you can pay with MobilePay as well. If you buy a monthly subscription, we will also charge the money shortly after your purchase, and your subscription will be active as soon as you have paid. Afterwards, the subscription fee will be charged automatically in the intervals chosen. For instance, if you purchase a monthly subscription on October 10, the monthly payment will fall each month on the 10th. You always pay in advance. When you sign up for a subscription, you grant Ride Better TV the rights to renew the subscription without notice.
It is not possible to get a refund as you receive your service the moment you have paid. However you can always cancel your subscription before next payment and we will charge no more. We recommend that you save your receipt, which you will receive in an e-mail shortly after your purchase. NB: Remember to update your credit card information if you get a new card, loose it, or block it. This can be done in ‘My account’.

7. Discount codes

Discount codes are unique and can only be used once, and there is an expiration date on the discount code as well. This will be noted in the material, in which you received the discount code.

8. Safety

Ride Better TV uses Quickpay and Clearhaus to handle payments. They are safe and approved in Denmark as well as recommended by leading banks.

9. Cancelling your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply log in and go to “my account – subscriptions”. Here, you will find your subscription and the option to cancel. Once you have clicked that, we will no longer charge you any payment. There is no term of notice, and you will continue to have access to Ride Better TV until the end of your current subscription period.

10. Newsletter

When you register as a user on Ride Better TV, you are also offered the opportunity to sign up for our newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this at any time in your profile section or by clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletter itself when you receive it in your e-mail inbox. There is no fixed time period between the newsletters. However, you will most often receive one or two per month.

11. Protection of personal information

Ride Better TV does not share information, including e-mail addresses and phone numbers, with any third party, and we do not use your information for anything except within the framework of Ride Better TV.

12. Copyright

All content on ridebetter.tv, including videos, pictures, logos, and text, belong to Ride Better TV and may not be copied or resold. If the copyright is violated, you will be charged an amount decided by Ride Better TV and furthermore be asked to stop the violation immediately. If you do not do this, we will notify the relevant authorities of this.

13. Content on Ride Better TV

The purpose of the video series on Ride Better TV is to provide riders and equestrians with the tools to improve their skills regarding horses and riding. Ride Better TV cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences or possible accidents suffered as a result of inspiration obtained from the videos. It is the responsibility of the user alone to ensure that s/he and the horse are physically and mentally ready for the tasks they perform.

14. Technical

Ride Better TV cannot guarantee that ridebetter.tv always works, but all possible problems will be solved as fast as possible. There is always a chance that technical problems may occur, which can renter the site unavailable for shorter or longer periods of time. Ride Better TV does not offer users financial compensation for technical problems at ridebetter.tv, just as Ride Better TV cannot be held responsible for problems with an internet connection or similar technical problems.

15. Links to other websites

Ride Better TV does not provide any guarantee for the content of other websites that may be linked to on ridebetter.tv. We recommend that you read the conditions for the sites in question thoroughly before using them.

16. Complaints and Disputes

We always aim to give the best service to our customers, so if you have any complaints do not hesitate to write us at mail@ridebetter.tv to give us the opportunity to help you. Should we end up having a dispute that is not possible to settle between us, it will be handled under the Danish court of law.