The founder


From one rider to another

Ride Better TV was founded by Lisa Munch Holst, also known in Denmark as The Horse Journalist.

Her great passion for horses is heartfelt and began at the age of three when she took her first riding lessons. Later, she became a show jumper at the Danish S-level for ponies, and she is now a dressage rider on the Danish S level. In addition to that, she also breeds warmblood dressage horses.

TV journalist with a heart full of horses and riding
Before The Horse Journalist was founded in 2012, Lisa was a journalist and video journalist at the Danish TV regional news programs TV2 Lorry, where she was the leading lady behind hundreds of news items and series. Furthermore, The Horse Journalist has written a large number of articles on training with some of the most accomplished riding masters and instructors in Denmark. She has also produced text, pictures, and movies for the equestrian industry in Denmark as well as abroad. Her large network of the most competent and renowned instructors now benefits riders on all levels through her many training series at Ride Better TV:

“I have a wish to continually better myself as a rider, and that was what gave me the idea for Ride Better TV. There are so many extremely talented instructors out there, and it’s a shame that only a small number of riders can benefit from their knowledge. Through Ride Better TV, all of us can learn from the best. There are some many different approaches to the riding and training of horses, which is why I believe that it is important to let as many instructors as possible share their voice. I often get that feeling of “AHA” experience when someone explains things to me in a new way. My dream is that you will be able to find help for any training-related challenge at Ride Better TV.”

We thank you all for supporting Ride Better TV, which is totally unique in its kind. If you have any questions, tips, or comments, we are all ears. Feel free to write us at mail@ridebetter.tv

WELCOME to Ride Better TV, and thank you for watching!