What is Ride Better TV

For riders all over the world
This is how you’ll actually become a better rider!
With Ride Better TV you don’t just observere a toprider from the sidelines. We litterally take you by the hand and serve the trainers ideas for you in our own unique and pedagogical way. We do only one subject in one video, and a speaker explains and repeats the trainers most important points throughout the short video. This way you have the best conditions of understanding the complexity of our magical equestrian sport – and then end up a better rider.
Ride Better TV is video series with the equestrian sport most skilled and succesfull riders and trainers. You can join them no matter where you live in the world!


New videos with the masters of the sport!
Ride Better TV consists of series of videos starring the most skilled and successful instructors and riders of the sport. It shouldn’t be your finances or geographical location that determine whether you can improve as a rider! Every month we publish several new videos in which renowned equestrians share their knowledge and experience with riding on every level. Once the videos have been published, they are all available for all subscribers. At the moment we have close to 600 videoes in the libary and the number is growing.

Topquality for less money
Ride Better TV is the Worlds cheapest online way to become a better rider. At the same time, we are very proud to deliver videos in the highest quality both productionwise as well as in the professional content. The videos are produced by educated professionals with many years of experience within the television industry and journalism. Furthermore riding and training horses is a natural part of our lives and always has been.
This is how we secure you, thats the tools and methods of the trainers are communicated to you in a correct and understandable way.
Our philosophy is to keep the price of a membership at a level, where most people can participate, because we don’t think it should be your financial status, that determines whether you can develop as a rider or not.

How to become a member
You can become a member for as little as approx 8 EUR a month if you sign up for a yearly subscription. You can also choose to buy a monthly subscription for 12 EUR.
We also offer gift cards for this online riders Mecca.
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Dressage, show jumping, environmental training, portraits, etc., etc.
Our series are often about dressage, because this is the basic of all riding disciplines, but we will also have series about show jumping, training of Icelandic horses, riders workout and more will come. Furthermore, we do portrait interviews with some of the most interesting profiles in the sport.

For riders on every level
No matter how good you are, you can always get even better! Ride Better TV offers everyone the chance to train with some of the masters of the sport, which means that only the best and most acknowledged equestrians will be published.
We hope that Ride Better TV can contribute to honing the skills of riders for the benefit of the riders themselves as well as their horses and the equestrian sport in general.

Easy to cancel
No matter how you choose to sign up, you are always free to cancel your subscription again. Simply log in and go to “my account – subscriptions”; here you will find your subscription and can click on the cancel button. As soon as you have done that, you will no longer be charged any fee. There is no term of notice, and you will have access to Ride Better TV for the time period you have paid for.