Ride Better TV and The Danish Dressage Community

Ride Better TV and The Danish Dressage Community fit together like a hand in glove with a shared wish to promote dressage and make it available to riders on all levels.

About The Danish Dressage community
The association Danish Dressage Community aims to promote the dressage sport, and every year they support events and riders, award prizes, and host the popular Danish Dressage Community Cup: a national team competition on a lower level. The association was founded in 2007 by Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark, who is chairman of the board. Read more about The Danish Dressage Community HERE

About Ride Better TV
Ride Better TV aims to make dressage and horse training more available as well, and we do this by promoting the best riders and instructors in the field of dressage and other equestrian disciplines at a price that everyone can afford. Dressage is the top priority at www.ridebetter.tv, because almost no matter what kind of riding you do, having the basic training down is a prerequisite for a trust-based interaction between horse and rider.