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The goal of lunging is to get the horse to work in a relaxed way throughout the body. That way it's a great variety to riding. Watch how in this series.

schedule 03. February 2024
14 videos
Dressage with Victoria Vallentin

In this series, we'll train with Victoria Vallentin, who is one of Denmark's most talented dressage riders. She has countless titles on her resume, including five gold medals at the Danish Championships, six gold medals at the Nordic Championships and several medals at the European Championships.

schedule 26. April 2023
17 videos
Dressage with Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour

In this series we'll get all the best tips and tricks from Olympic rider Cathrine Dufour. Among other things she'll show how to get a steady hand and how to solve challenges with flying changes and piaffe.

schedule 24. February 2022
14 videos
Training a Lusitano warmblood mix

In this series we'll see, how Olympic dressage rider Anna Kasprzak trains the Lusitano/warmblood gelding Addict de Massa.

schedule 26. February 2021
19 videos
Dressage with Daniel Bachmann Andersen

Daniel Bachmann is one of the World's absolute best dressage riders. Right now he is both number 10 and 14 on the world rankings with Blue Hors Zack and Blue Hors Don Olymbrio.

schedule 23. October 2020
13 videos
Fit4you - advanced level

In this series, we follow up on our first series with Fit4you and take a step further with exercises on extended level.

schedule 15. June 2020
13 videos
Dressage with Hasse Hoffmann

Hasse Hoffmann shows how to train the dressage horse in order for it to get a long and healthy life as a riding horse

schedule 10. June 2020
19 videos
Youngster to Grand Prix with Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

In this series, Princess Nathalie skillfully and educationally communicates how she trains a young horse as well as a horse at Grand Prix level. Nathalie is Danish national team coach in dressage.

schedule 23. December 2019
10 videos
Flexibility exercises for your horse

Train your horse supple all over the body with veterinarian and horse chiropractor Charlotte Beck. In this series she shows some simple stretching exercises that everyone can do.

schedule 09. October 2019
11 videos
Carl Hedin - youngster ready for shows

Teach the young horse to be ready for shows in a logical and friendly way with Carl Hedin, who's one of the most skillful young horse riders in Sweden.

schedule 24. September 2019
13 videos
Dressage with Betina Jæger

Betina Jæger is one of Denmark's most solid trainers of horses at all levels. Watch how to train your horse right from basic to top level.

schedule 01. June 2019
16 videos
Dressage with Patrik Kittel - youngster to tophorse

Swedish Patrik Kittel is one of the World's best dressage riders and has participated in several of the largest championships in the World many times. He believes that all horses and riders have more potential than they might seem

schedule 27. April 2019
12 videos
Dressage with Mikala Münter in Florida

The city of Wellington in Florida is named the world's equestrian capital. Here is filled with horse-properties and competitions all year round. Danish Mikala Münter lives here, and she is one of the World's most talented riders

schedule 12. January 2019
10 videos
The rider’s position and seat – with Rune Willum

In this series, we’ll go into great details with the rider’s position and seat.

schedule 14. October 2018
14 videos
Riders workout with Fit4you

In this series, Lene Theill from Fit4you goes over a series of training exercises that are especially good for riders.

schedule 29. September 2018
19 videos
Dressage exercises with Severo López

In this series, you can watch a selection of the most common dressage exercises with Olympic rider Severo Jurado López.

schedule 03. June 2018
12 videos
Training with Claus Toftgaard

In this series, we’ll learn how certified instructor and people/horse physiotherapist Claus Toftgaard trains himself and a youngster from the ground as well as from the saddle.

schedule 08. March 2018
8 videos
Bits with HP Horses

In this series, we learn what considerations that go into choosing bits for the horses at the Danish dressage stable HP Horses.

schedule 15. January 2018
18 videos
Train with team coach Nathalie

In this series, you can train with one of the best riders of the world, as Danish national dressage team coach and Olympic medalist Princess Nathalie shares advice from her great dressage toolbox

schedule 26. October 2017
10 videos
Top horse without bubble wrap

In this series, World Cup finalist Mai Tofte Olesen shows us how she cares for and trains her top horse in a simple way.

schedule 24. August 2017
21 videos
Karin Nissen – Basic dressage exercises

In this series, we’ll focus on basic dressage work, and you will find exercises from novice to medium.

schedule 10. July 2017
14 videos
Correct basic mistakes with Michael Soegaard

In this series, riding master Michael Soegaard shares his best advice on how to correct the most basic mistakes.

schedule 05. June 2017
5 videos
Clinic, Danish national team coach Princess Nathalie

This series consists of four episodes from a clinic with Danish national team coach Princess Nathalie.

schedule 25. May 2017
12 videos
Simple dressage with Severo López

Get a unique insight into the special riding technique of Olympic rider Severo Jurado López, including his seat and aids.

schedule 08. March 2017
13 videos
Rune Willum Hansen’s ABC

Experience how Olympic instructor and riding master Rune Willum Hansen trains horses at various levels together with international Grand Prix rider Joachim Thomsen.

schedule 27. December 2016
9 videos
Karin Nissen – Collection

In this series, you’ll get advice on how to ride the dressage exercises that require a great degree of collection, as well as advice on how to solve potential problems that may occur during training.

schedule 01. December 2016
1 videos
Chief Judge explains the judging of dressage tests

In this video, you can watch 5* dressage judge Hans-Christian Matthiesen talk about the way he judges the dressage tests.

schedule 14. November 2016
3 videos
Dressage test - advanced

In this series, you can watch the Danish advanced tests MA1, MA2, and MA3.

schedule 14. November 2016
4 videos
Dressage tests - medium and advanced medium

In this series, you can watch the Danish medium and advanced medium tests MB0, MB1, MB2, and MB3.

schedule 14. November 2016