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The transition from pony to horse with Alexander and Andreas Helgstrand

In this series, international Olympic rider Andreas Helgstrand teaches his son Alexander, who rides the spectacular former breeding stallion Belantis by Benetton Dream. It's all about the challenges many riders experience in the transition from pony to horse.

schedule 01. September 2022
16 videos
Starting the young horses at Helgstrand Dressage

At Helgstrand Dressage they prepare a large number of totally unhandled mares and stallions every year for licensings and shows. In this series we'll follow how their experienced team handle the young horses and get them accustomed to the bridle, the girth, longing and eventually to get a rider on.

schedule 17. January 2020
13 videos
Dressage with Betina Jæger

Betina Jæger is one of Denmark's most solid trainers of horses at all levels. Watch how to train your horse right from basic to top level.

schedule 01. June 2019
11 videos
Pony dressage with A & A Helgstrand

In this series we will see how Alexander Helgstrand trains with his father and trainer Andreas Helgstrand. Alexander is one of the most successful dressage pony riders right now and has so far won, among other things, the Danish Championship and silver at the European Championships.

schedule 21. February 2019
19 videos
Dressage exercises with Severo López

In this series, you can watch a selection of the most common dressage exercises with Olympic rider Severo Jurado López from Helgstrand Dressage.

schedule 03. June 2018
6 videos
Portrait of Marianne Helgstrand

Meet Marianne Helgstrand. Together with her husband Andreas Helgstrand, she runs the biggest horse empire in Denmark: Helgstrand Dressage.

schedule 01. May 2017
8 videos
Spot a dressage horse with Andreas Helgstrand

In this series, you can learn what Olympic bronze medalist Andreas Helgstrand looks for when he is trying to find top quality horses for his stable.

schedule 17. April 2017
12 videos
Simple dressage with Severo López

Get a unique insight into the special riding technique of Olympic rider Severo Jurado López, including his seat and aids.

schedule 08. March 2017