Environmental training at Atterupgaard

The stud farm Atterupgaard located on Zealand, Denmark is known world-wide for its breeding of top quality dressage horses. Recently, no less than three of the horses they bred competed in dressage at the Olympic Games in Rio. But horses with the capacity to reach that level are often very sensitive, which may prevent them from utilizing their full potential, especially when they’re youngsters.

With this in mind, vet and instructor Michael Sinding trains youngsters from the ground as part of their preparation for the championships, licensings, and competitions that they’ll be part of every year. His philosophy is that it doesn’t have to be that hard, because with reason and the tools that most people have at hand, you can get a calmer and more trusting horse. And since youngsters already have to learn a lot when it comes to riding, the training from the ground shouldn’t replace the daily dressage training, but rather take place in connection with it.

In this series, we’ll meet a young mare that has never been worked with in any way, a 4-year-old mare getting ready for a trip to the Young Horse Championships in Herning, Denmark, and a 4-year-old licensed stallion that can't control himself when he gets scared. The stallion is ridden by dressage rider Selina Solberg Vittinghus.

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